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However, when planning the family vacation of a lifetime, don’t settle for Google and taking chances. Work with my amazing team. We have years of travel planning experience AND firsthand experience traveling with babies, toddlers, and children in elementary, middle and high school. 'Nuf said, right?

Planning a trip for a family is NEVER easy! So why not work with the experts? These days, so much information is available online, and booking travel can be done about a million different ways. (Okay, maybe I exaggerate, but there area lot!) 


Caroline in Quito, Ecuador age 17 months old!

Caroline in Quito, Ecuador age 17 months old!


Know where you want to go, but want someone else to do the legwork? Oxford Travel will help you plan your trip, book hotels, flights and any other accommodations you might need. We will give recommendations for family friendly things to do and places to eat while on your trip. This includes Hustle Packing lists so you are assured you are prepped and ready before you go.


We will do it all, help you pick the right family vacation for your family. This process starts with a one-on-one call or video call (your choice) with Laurie to talk about your family travel dreams and aspirations. From there we will figure out the right spot for you to go. If you already have a location in mind, that’s okay. We will chat about how you envision this trip being so we can make it happen for you. Next, I will work with our partner, Oxford Travel, to find the best (and most practical) accommodations for you and your family, and figure out how to do it with your sanity intact! We will set a detailed agenda for your trip so there are no missed experiences or bad experiences during your journey. This package also includes a custom packing list for your family’s needs! Yup —we will even tell you what to bring! Oxford Travel will be on call during your adventure should something come up. This is truly a hands-free experience resulting in the vacation of a lifetime!

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Things that make traveling with kids a tad easier…

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