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You can’t take her anywhere, but have to take her everywhere!

Hustling, traveling girl mom of two, sharing her adventures and #momlife struggles with you.



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Hi there! I am Laurie Mom, to Caroline (4) and Ella Jaye (1). We love to travel, experience new things and take you along for the ride. We also love all things bright colored and sweet. Join us on our blog and connect with us on social media for more fun, exciting adventures and an exclusive look “behind the scenes” of our everyday crazy, wild, and sometimes anxiety filled family life.






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“I love New York, New York! Ever since my first visit there when I was in middle school until now, NYC has been and will always be my favorite city to visit. Since Caroline was born, I have been there three times (she is now four), so about once a year since she was a baby. “ READ MORE

“ 1. Lighting is key: This is true for any type of photography, whether it is on your phone or an SLR camera. Finding good light will make or break an image. In my opinion, natural light is the best, especially when traveling. “ READ MORE