Let us help you become a PRACTICAL traveling family!

Of course, the reality of having children, paying bills, and a “normal” life set in a few years later and we travel to exotic places less, but we have yet to stop exploring and adventuring. We just do it now with our children by our side.

I use this blog as a resource for families like us; ones who are looking to experience things, to travel, but maybe not sell everything and live nomadically.

We are a practical traveling family.

Hopefully, these resources and the experiences I am sharing will help you become practical travelers just like us!

When first deciding I was ready to have a child, it was a big deal. I was a world traveler and not the backpacking Euro type. I was the exploring journalist who went to South Sudan and picked Istanbul as my five-year wedding anniversary trip during their riots type of traveler. To me, traveling was all about the rush of immersing yourself in an unfamiliar, unpredictable culture while capturing that experience with my camera.

To be honest, it was this aspect of my life I was not ready to give up. When I WAS ready, it was with hesitation and a lot of promises to myself and to my husband that we wouldn’t give up our adventuring.

Must Haves

We have been traveling with babies and toddlers for almost five years now. Here is a list of our must haves. All these products have helped us along the way and we hope they do the same for you.


Travel Photos

Want to take exceptional travel photos of your family? We would love to help you make the most of your vacations and that new SLR you got for Christmas. Our courses will help you do just that!

Trip Planning

Sometimes just getting there can be hard! We have partnered with an amazing travel designer to help plan your dream family vacations. Skip the stress of figuring it all out and let us do it for you.


Packing Lists

This is one of the most vital parts of traveling with kids! We have created tons of packing lists to fit your needs and ages of your children. Stop stressing and start checking boxes on these ready to go packing lists.