Have You Heard of KeraTherapy?


I Tried KeraTherapy

and LOVED it!

We all know the saying, “You always want what you don’t have.”  I always associate this expression with my HAIR, which is very fine and straight. Figuring out what is right for my hair has always been a challenge as I see my peers and their thick beautiful wavy hairdos that don’t require daily washing. Anyway, I was given the opportunity to try out new (to me) KeraTherapy products from their keratin infused MOISTURE line.


With fine hair, I have a hard time finding a moisture hair care product that won’t weigh my hair down. I was pleasantly surprised when my hair was weightless, soft and shiny after using the shampoo and conditioner. I have used the spray-in conditioner and the moisture treatment on my daughter's very thick, naturally wavy, dry hair and it has worked wonders!

If you are looking for something salon grade at a reasonable price point, make sure and check out the KeraTherapy line. There is something for everyone and every hair type. 

Product was gifted to me but this is my authentic experience with what I tried. Go check them out today and use the code LMKERATIN for 15% off your order!




Laurie Michaelson