The Internet Says I can

I was surfing the discovery feed on Instagram and came across a post that I think we should talk about. The photo was of a beautiful pregnant woman in a bikini with a comparison photo of her in the same bikini looking AMAZING, flat tummy, perky boobs and tan skin.

The post was praising this woman for having twins and looking so banging only SEVEN weeks postpartum. Under the image was a statement that there are “no excuses” for mom's and losing the baby weight... wait what!

The post was from a MALE fitness professional of all people… Stuff like this is all over social media and contributing to the pressures us moms are facing with body image as we trying to navigate our post-baby bodies. So many men and (gasp) WOMEN were commenting on the post about how there is "no excuse."

Not one body is created equal but these internet trolls make women feel like there are “no excuses” for access skin, stretch marks, and some extra cushion. They fuel this cultural image that childbirth and pregnancy are a walk in the park. Like you are just getting some routine outpatient surgery and if you stay fit during pregnancy you will walk out ready to go.


The reality is, not all women are created equal. I follow several “fit moms” on Instagram and none of them are the same shape or size, some are skinny, cut, ripped, natural you name it. Being a “fit mom” can mean many things.

To me, it means staying healthy and working toward my post baby #1 body.

I feel you, Mamma… Even with the reality in my head that I am me and cannot compare my progress to others, I am constantly comparing myself to the images I see online of these rockin post-baby bodies and wishing I had one.

A trainer once told me reality sucks and what we have is not always a reflection of what we eat and how hard we work in the gym. Yeah, eating right and working out DOES help, but not everybody is created equal. What works for you might not work for me, or her or him.

The way we see ourselves is often very different than reality. I can’t tell you how many times I look back at photos of myself and think “Man how did I not know how awesome I looked!” Even now, I don't see myself in the same light as others do.

Stay strong Mamma and you do you! If there is one thing I hope my readers can take away is to be the best YOU that you can be.