Packing Cubes- The best invention for traveling with kids

I first bought packing cubes when I was new to Ebates, and when Ebags was having like 20% cash back deals around the holidays, I figured why not. My aunt and uncle had sworn by them on our family trip to Ecuador, and they travel all over the world. What I didn’t know was how impactful these relatively inexpensive, zippered, cube-shaped bags would change the traveling-with-kids game for me. Packing Cubes are amazing! They were just what I needed to keep my little one’s clothes organized in my suitcase and when I arrived at my destination. Now I use them EVERY trip I take. I pack all my daughter’s clothes in a medium size cube, and her socks and undies in a small one. When we arrive, I can pull her cubes out and organize them in the hotel drawers as I please.



While traveling, I prefer to unpack my suitcase if I will be in one place for more than one night. That way I can tuck my suitcase away in the closet or in a corner somewhere and not worry about digging through it every time I need something. However, if I am not able to unpack, the cubes also come in handy by keeping everything separated and organized. I also try to make sure I have one cube available for stuffing in all our dirty clothes.

I just ordered Caroline a new set of pink cubes since we have a new addition to our traveling family!