Feeding Baby - On the Road

Since I was veering from my normal homemade food this past week, I figured I would provide some insight into of some of the new food options we provided Ella while traveling. Most the food she eats on the go is pouches, puffs and yogurt melts. This is a quick easy way to feed baby and relatively mess free, but when you have a new eater it is always a tad messy. We have tried a few pouch brands and she seems to like them all. Happy Baby Organics, Plum, Sprout and whatever is on sale at Public or Target is typically what we go with. Then I pack puffs, her favorite is Happy Baby Organics Superfood Puffs (banana pumpkin) she also likes the Gerber apple cheddar puffs and pin wheels. These also help with her teething while on the road.

I pack at least two days’ worth of the pouches and puffs for my in-flight carry on and then up 3 days’ worth of meals in my suitcase, just in case we do not have time to make a grocery run the first day or so upon arrival. Side note yogurt bites are super yummy and make a great snack for mamma too. Think space ice cream in small bites.

When we arrive at our destination I make a grocery store run to pick up some more food for the baby. To keep it easy and simple I typically get some avocado and bananas something easy to mash up on the go.

I wanted to try some regular baby food (in a jar) so we got Plum Organics –Baby food bowls at Target since they were on sale. Unfortunately, the food is runny making it hard to feed a fidgety baby. We added some mashed up bananas to thicken it up and that helped.

One thing I have noticed since she is eating homemade food is her stool is a lot softer on the road and she is going more frequently. I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing since it is still normal poop but just something to be ready for if you’re traveling with a mostly homemade food fed baby. I started her on the pouches a few weeks prior to leaving to make sure she did not have a bad reaction to them.

It is always good to test new things out before your trip just in case something does not agree with your little. Also, it is important to consider bringing the “tools” you might need to prep and feed the kids. For example, I always bring a baby spoon and bowl with me. Most places will not have tiny spoons to feed your baby and regular spoons are too wide for a babies mouth.

We also bring our Boppy travel chair with us if we have room in our luggage. Typically we pack it in the carseat bag, that way we can just check it in and not worry about loosing space in our suitcases. Having a travel seat is very helpful for feeding baby in a hotel room or at a family members house, especially if they are new to eating "real food."