The Baby Registry: I wish I did this with my First!

When you have a baby, there are LOTS of things you need to do and  get to be prepared. There are so many options these days for moms and dads that it is hard to know where to start. One of the best ways to do that is by throwing a baby shower and starting a registry. Target is always a good “go to” for baby stuff, so with both my girls I registered there, especially for the friends and family who like to visit a store to shop for your impending little love. Surprisingly, I had not jumped on the Amazon Prime bandwagon until after my first daughter was born, so it did not even dawn on me that I could create a registry through them.

With my second baby, I made the smart move and created an Amazon Baby registry and I’m so glad I did.

Here’s why:

You can register for basically everything and anything on Amazon! There is no need for multiple registries for this stroller, that carrier, and those diapers because Amazon has it all.

You customize your page and provide baby info and a welcome message to your friends and family.

Amazon tracks who sent you what AND you get the shipping addresses to send a thank you note. No more looking all over for Aunt Susie’s address - it’s all right there. Amazon also has a tracking system you can use to mark off which thank you cards were already sent.

Amazon makes it easy and simple to return items without having to save shipping labels and letting the buyer know.

Overall, Amazon will become your BFF, if it’s not already as a busy momma, so embrace it from the start and register.


What are you waiting for? Start yours now!