PDX - Airport Play Area


Traveling with kids is hard, not only for the parents but for the children. So much excitement just to be experiencing the journey, but nowhere to let out all their energy!

This June we traveled to Portland Oregon and flew into PDX. We were pleasantly surprised to find they had a play area in the Delta terminal. The play area was perfect for toddlers. It was spacious and filled with fun airplane-themed soft playthings to climb and run all over. I especially loved that they had charging stations lining the walls by the seating. That way parents could sit, relax, and watch their children while not only charging up their phones, but also charging their kids' electronics and tablets so they were ready to go when it was time to board the airplane. Even nine-month-old Ella Jaye got into playing while we were there.

The only downside is other parents who let their bigger kids run wild … but THAT is an issue at ANY play area.


So if you are traveling via PDX, make sure to stop by and let your kiddos enjoy this fun space. There is also a cute shop next door with unique Portland gifts.

Oh and not to mention this airport has a Blue Star Donuts. Seriously, some of the best gourmet donuts I have ever had! You're welcome ;)


Happy Travels!