7 Must-Haves for Baby: 3-6 months


So these are always hard because EVERY baby is different, but with Ella the following items were lifesavers for us. Bouncy Chair: Have a need to shower, eat or clean? You MUST HAVE a bouncy chair! The best thing is these are not very pricey or big, so you can lug them from room to room. I keep one upstairs in our master bedroom/bathroom so I can shower and get dressed. These bouncy chairs provide a spot for baby to sit and play — OR better yet sleep. Most come with a vibrator, and I have yet to meet a baby that does not fall asleep to a little vibration. When your baby is still in the newborn phase, it is hard to just set them down, and they don’t always like to lay flat so this is a great alternative.

aden + anais Burpy Bib: I registered for these with Ella and did not have them with my first daughter, but wish I had. These bibs are not only trendy, but they are soft and practical. The curved shape makes them perfect for use on your shoulder, but they also have a slam button that you can use for snapping it around the baby’s neck like a bib. Ella Jaye had reflux, so the first six months were filled with baby puke and straight-up exorcist stomach emptying. So I would put one of these around her neck in the car seat, and kept about three in my bag to clean all her mess.

Magnetic Jammies: These things are amazing especially for first-time parents! They don’t have buttons or zippers, just magnets that are easy to snap open and shut when changing the baby at night or any time of day - even with one hand. I had these for my first daughter and made sure to get some for my second. Ella is 10 months old now and still wears magnetic jammies. They are a tad more than button or zipper ones but I recommend splurging on a pair or two. Better yet register for some and cross your fingers you get one as a gift.

Bamboo Towel and Washcloths: I had no idea about these and got them as a gift from my sister-in-law. Oh, my gosh!  They are so soft, making them the perfect towels and washcloths for babies' soft, sensitive skin. Hands down the best towels for babies or kids in general.

Lavender Bubble Bath: At three months, we make the big transition from the bedside bassinet to the crib, so having a set bedtime routine is key in my opinion. We use the Johnson & Johnson Lavender Sleepy Time Baby Shampoo and Body Wash to calm the baby down and give her a familiar smell at bedtime so she knows it is time to sleep. With both girls, we've had great success with setting a nighttime routine that we stick to 100% — as much as we possibly can.

Play Mat/Activity Center: It is crazy how fast babies start playing and interacting. Having a good play mat or little activity center is a must. They can spend tummy time here, then flip over and look up at all the fun things to squeal at and kick around. We have an activity center and play mat that we bring on trips, or even set in the grass outside, that we used for both girls.

Bar Co Bath Soak: Okay so this is not for the baby. BUT, it is important as a new mom to take some time to RELAX. My favorite bath soak is Bar Co. The way it smells relaxes me even if it is just for a minute — before the baby or four-year-

Do you have any must have favorites? Share them with us in the comments!

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