13 Must Haves for Baby 7-10 months old


So much is happening and changing during this age! Teeth are popping out; they are starting to eat real food; they are slowly learning how to use those hands of theirs; and are crawling their way around. Here is a list of baby items that helped me survive this stage of babyhood twice around. 1. Activity Table– These are awesome because they can keep your little one occupied and they are transitional. You can start by using it on the floor and when your baby is ready to start standing with support, you add the legs and it is good to go all the way through the first year.

2. Baby Food Maker – Feeding a baby can be difficult and I will tell you from experience making your own food is so much easier and healthier. Having a baby food maker is a must  – these things are a lifesaver. You steam and blend the food all in one place making it quick and simple to use.

3. Freezing Feeding Trays – When you are making your own baby food you have to store it. I learned this the hard way with my first and when my second baby came I knew I would do it differently. Silicon freezing trays are AMAZING. You make the food, lots of it, and freeze it in the trays then pop them out and store them in your freezer until you are ready to use them. I could make tons of food and go for two weeks or more without having to worry about going to the store to buy food or making it every day.

4. Washable Food Pouches – Like most kids my girls are picky eaters but for some reason when it is in a pouch they will both eat it. Who would've thought? So these reusable food pouches were (and are) great for feeding them and for when we were on the go.

5. Magnetic Blocks – At this age, babies start to play with things and learn how to pull things apart and put them back together. Magnetic blocks also make great toys for older children and for travel! Here are some more travel tips: 9 Tips For Traveling With a Baby

6. Fresh Food Feeder – These are great for teething babies and babies learning to feed themselves. They can be messy, but both my girls loved them.

7. Ice Soothers– These are just like the ones you and I used when we were little and they are perfect. My baby loves them cold but also likes chewing on them when they are warm. I keep a few in the freezer so I can just grab them as needed.

8. Teething Biscuits –These are perfect for this age because they can grip them and start learning to feed themselves. The biscuits are also quick dissolving so they won’t be a choking hazard.

9. Baby TylenolA teething baby must have! Enough said.

10.ScrubBee – We love our ScrubBee! It is a silicon Honey Bee inspired bath toy and scrubber. My baby loves holding it and teething on it. It is also great for older kids. The best part is they were designed by a fellow Mamma.


11. Crunchy Book – Babies this age love to fiddle with things that make a sound, and crunchy books seem to be a crowd favorite. So if you don’t already have one, do yourself a favor by adding one to your next Amazon shopping list.

12. Linkables for Toys– At this age kids literally toss everything out of their car seat, stroller, playpen, etc. So having Linkables will save you some aggravation and it gives them another thing to fiddle with.


13. Teething Necklaces– These are great for teething babies. I love mine and got one that I knew would look good with my wardrobe. One thing to consider when buying yours is your hair. I got two originally and only wear one now because the necklaces that have beads all the way around kept getting stuck in my hair. Ouch!

There are obviously so many things babies "need" but these 13 items are definitely on my list for age 7-9 months!

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