Things to Do in Helen, GA on a Rainy Day


My family and I recently traveled to Helen, GA, to experience the holiday magic and see what the hype was all about. Unfortunately, mother nature had other plans for us. During our trip, rain was down pouring literally the entire time we were there! Since we have two small children, trekking around in the cold December rain (bummer it was not snowing!) was the last thing we wanted to spent what was supposed to be a fun weekend doing. Instead, we researched fun things to do inside in Helen. There was not much out there on the Internet about what to do there on a rainy day, so I decided I would fix that! Here is a list of fun indoor activities to do in Helen, GA, if you happen to get stuck inside on a rainy day. Mine for Gold or Gem Stones: There are a few places you can go for this but they are all covered and the kiddos LOVE doing it. The only downside is it doesn't take up much of your time, but you can definitely kill an hour if you have them pace themselves.

Escape Room: If you have older kids and adults in your crew, visit Escape Room for an exciting, mentally challenging and fun time. More info here: escape rooms of helen ga

Baby Land General Hospital: This is just outside of Helen in Cleveland, GA, but it is a short drive and completely indoors. Read more about it here: Cabbage Patch Babyland General Hospital: Making Magical Memories

Charlemagne's Kingdom: Visit the German –themed model railroad exhibit! This elaborate display is fun for all ages. More info:

Jolly's Toys: This toy store is located directly in front of Charlemagne’s Kingdom and is a blast from the past for parents! So, after checking out the model train hop on over to Jolly’s Toys to kill some time inside the fun little shop. It is super cramped but has some fun and exciting things to pass the time with your little ones.

Habersham Vineyards & Winery: Depending on your children’s ages this may or may not be a good place to visit, but if you think they will sit and stay put for a while bring them with for a fun wine tasting indoors. (Wine for the adults, of course. Drink Responsibly!) Just pack some coloring books or the iPad and you're set. More info:

Hansel & Gretel Candy Kitchen: There are two of these in either end of Helen's main drag, but the primary store at 8651 N Main St, is large and has a parking lot — the perfect spot to visit for a sweet treat on a rainy day.

Honestly, there is not much to do in Helen that is indoors besides restaurants. It is a beautiful mountain town with some wonderful parks and family hiking spots, so if you and reschedule your trip for a sunny weekend, DO IT! If not, make sure you bring some movies, popcorn and snuggly PJs so you can snuggle up by a fire and enjoy some family time!