LEGOLAND Resort Florida – First Impressions


I'm going to be honest. I did not have wild expectations for LEGOLAND Resort Florida. As a Florida, native I grew up visiting the “greats” (Disney and Universal) and let’s face it, the magic of Disney is hard to substitute when you are a mom of two girls.

But I am always looking for new fun experiences with my girls, so when I knew we would be in Tampa and Orlando, I decided we would give LEGOLAND Resort a shot. Here is a look into our experience. 

First Thoughts:

WOW this place is huge: The park itself is way bigger than I anticipated. It sits on the former Cypress Gardens property with its lush greenery and flowers. The other unexpected part about the size was all the interactive displays, play areas and rides! There was so much to do that there was no way we could pack it into just one day. Also, opening soon will be a LEGO Movie World that includes a large LEGO-themed rollercoaster.

 Perfect for preschoolers and early elementary: There was much more to do for the little ones, WAY more than most Florida theme parks. There are a number of rides for your little ones not quite ready for a big scary rollercoaster or the 3-D rides at Universal, and a few more "exciting" rides for adults, teens and older children to enjoy. It also has a variety of play areas perfect for toddlers.

Not crowded! The park was not crowded like Disney or Universal. In my opinion this made it more enjoyable. There were no long lines, people bumping into you, or crowded food halls. This was amazing since taking toddlers anywhere can be stressful as it is and adding a crowd just makes it worse. Of course, we went on a weekday, and the weather was very cold but tolerable. Weekends might be a little busier.

Reasonable food: Surprisingly, food costs were reasonable. While more expensive and limited than what you would find offsite, we had pizza and sodas for five people at less than $40. There also were plenty of places to eat inside or out, depending on the weather.

Tips for your visit:

Grab a Map: Because the park is so large and spread out, do yourself a favor — grab a map. This way you don’t miss out on anything!

Stay on property: We didn’t do this but I would love to on our next visit! The LEGOLAND Hotel is right at the entrance of the park and is not super huge like a lot of the Disney properties can be, but it does have direct private entrance to the attractions. This to me is a huge perk. No five-mile walk when you park your car. (Can I get an AMEN?) Also, the prices to stay onsite were reasonable and Winter Haven isn't that far from Disney. Easy to do a day trip; plus there are other things to see and do in the area.

 Parking was a bit pricey for the day and we had two cars because half our group came from Tampa and the other half from Orlando, so if you don't stay onsite, meet nearby and consolidate cars. It will save you a lot on parking.

Come ready to participate: Many of the rides and experiences require you help out your little ones. Whether it is fighting a fire on your very own fire truck or riding around on the cute little rides they have for preschoolers, this park is more interactive than most, and in a good way!

Overall we had an amazing time and I am excited to go back and explore even more that LEGOLAND Resort Florida has to offer.

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