Gift a Smile - Bright Box

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Make someone’s day brighter with a Bright Box!

One thing women (especially mothers) can use more of is finding a way for building each other up. After discovering Bright Boxes in my Instagram feed, I knew this was a company I wanted to connect with because Bright Boxes helps you do just that! 

 I think we underestimate the gesture of a small gift, or a personal note of thanks or encouragement. Showing appreciation and surprising that special someone in your life with a little gift and reminder that they are magical can make a huge difference.

Bright Boxes was founded by the joy-giving mamma Shea Workman. She was looking for a way to cheer up a friend and designed her first yellow sunshine themed box.Now she creates special little boxes that you can send out to your favorite people!

I have used her little boxes to let friends know I am thinking about them and as encouragement for family members who needed it. It is surprising how good it feels to make somebody’s day. It's like a gift for the giver as well as the receiver!

Give it a try!

Share some love today for 10% off using the code ihustleforher now through June 30, 2019.

Here are a few ideas for how to use Bright Boxes:

  1. Congratulate a friend on a new job!

  2. Let someone know you appreciate them!

  3. Cheer up someone who has been feeling down.

  4. Make someones day by sending and anonymous box!

  5. Just because, making people smile feels good no matter the occasion.

Here are some of the boxes I have ordered for the special ladies in my life. I love picking out the card to include, they have so many fun options. You can pick from the themed curated boxes or customize you own box. The pricing is also spot on for this kind of gift.